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    October 23, 2014 by Animal Rentals

      Generally, most of the animals that have come to symbolize HALLOWEEN are nocturnal making it almost safe to say that if an animal comes in all black,  it could be considered linked to the supernatural and scary. Sadly,  many of the myths attributed to these  creatures are completely false. Yet, after hundreds of  years, many still believe that the presence of a crow or  raven symbolizes a bad omen.

    Below are just a few examples of the myths and        facts about our HALLOWEEN FRIENDS.

    MYTH:  SNAKES are slimy and clammy to the touch.  FACT: No snake is slimy with quite smooth and dry skin.  Also, snakes cannot hypnotize humans and animals with their eyes.

    MYTH: VAMPIRE BATS  bite the neck and suck blood from people.  FACT: Vampire bats live only in tropical regions of Central and South America.  They feed primarily on animal blood by lapping (not sucking), using their sharp teeth to make a quick slice along the skin.

    MYTH:  The bite of a SPIDER can kill you. FACT:  While it is true that there are many poisonous spiders throughout the world, the bite from one of them is not much worse than a bee sting.  An allergic reaction to a spider bite is more serious but no human has died from its venom.

    MYTH: BLACK CATS are familiars of witches and bring bad luck. FACT: Black cats are just that—black cats.

    So the next time you go to our website, to book our Exotic Petting Zoo, go to MINDY’S MENAGERIE and look for our special Halloween creatures:  “Cuddles” the Tarantula, “Casper” the Burmese Python, “Sylvester” the Skunk and “Mrs. Clean” the Hairless Rat.


    October 18, 2014 by Animal Rentals

    On October 10th Bill Hoffmann, accompanied with well know animal ambassador MINDY THE MONKEY,  attended the Simian Society of America convention in Branson, MO. Bill, a life time member, spent an enjoyable enjoyable afternoon conversing with fellow primate owners about their pets and sharing his adventures with Mindy as they traveled all over the country lecturing about the care, conservation and  preservation of not just primates but of all the members of the animal kingdom.

    A little history about the Simian Society of America. While the SSA discourages the keeping of primates by individuals who do not understand their complex needs and the multitude of problems associated with keeping them, the society offers health, diet, psychological well-being and management information as well as access to a network of experienced primate caretakers for those who are committed to providing captive primates with long-term, care conducive homes. They are a non-profit organization founded in 1957 to improve the welfare of primates in captivity. Among its members are veterinarians, primatologists and zoolological officials.

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