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December 27, 2014 by Animal Rentals

Christmas arrived early for ADAM MONK, the elder statesman of ANIMAL RENTALS.  What do you get a 42 year old retired monkey for Christmas?

 It’s kind of like getting something for your grandfather.  Clothes were out of the equation as Monk practices  the lifestyle of a nudist.  He’s too old to play with toys and is not one to dine at fancy restaurants.  Besides, as is the case with most senior citizens, Monk is on a restricted diet. He doesn’t go out much, but does enjoy his daily walk around the premises.  Finally Barbara, Monk’s handler and caretaker, found the perfect solution to the problem.   So on December 24th, Monk enjoyed a soothing bubble bath followed by a soft, long massage with mineral oil.  By the smile on his face, he really enjoyed his gift.  Thanks Barb.  This was the perfect choice.

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