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    October 23, 2014 by Animal Rentals

      Generally, most of the animals that have come to symbolize HALLOWEEN are nocturnal making it almost safe to say that if an animal comes in all black,  it could be considered linked to the supernatural and scary. Sadly,  many of the myths attributed to these  creatures are completely false. Yet, after hundreds of  years, many still believe that the presence of a crow or  raven symbolizes a bad omen.

    Below are just a few examples of the myths and        facts about our HALLOWEEN FRIENDS.

    MYTH:  SNAKES are slimy and clammy to the touch.  FACT: No snake is slimy with quite smooth and dry skin.  Also, snakes cannot hypnotize humans and animals with their eyes.

    MYTH: VAMPIRE BATS  bite the neck and suck blood from people.  FACT: Vampire bats live only in tropical regions of Central and South America.  They feed primarily on animal blood by lapping (not sucking), using their sharp teeth to make a quick slice along the skin.

    MYTH:  The bite of a SPIDER can kill you. FACT:  While it is true that there are many poisonous spiders throughout the world, the bite from one of them is not much worse than a bee sting.  An allergic reaction to a spider bite is more serious but no human has died from its venom.

    MYTH: BLACK CATS are familiars of witches and bring bad luck. FACT: Black cats are just that—black cats.

    So the next time you go to our website, to book our Exotic Petting Zoo, go to MINDY’S MENAGERIE and look for our special Halloween creatures:  “Cuddles” the Tarantula, “Casper” the Burmese Python, “Sylvester” the Skunk and “Mrs. Clean” the Hairless Rat.


    April 2, 2013 by Mindy the Monkey

    When you are a monkey April first isn’t the only day that is all about jokes and pranks.  Every day is fun and games day for us! 

    Monkeys love to laugh and fool around all of the time.  And we have excellent senses of humor.  In fact, sometimes it is very hard for us to be serious.  And we definitely get excited about things that are interesting and fun.  I guess I can see why dad tells people that emotionally I am at the level of a two year old human child.  But sometimes I think that dad just doesn’t get my jokes.  He has a great sense of humor too, but I don’t know why dad doesn’t think every single thing that I do is hilarious…because I do!

    He didn’t laugh the day that I grabbed the end of the toilet paper roll and ran all over the house unrolling it and wrapping it around the furniture in one big long line.  He didn’t laugh the day I grabbed the truck keys out of his pocket and threw them into the wet, muddy water.  And he didn’t even laugh the night that I turned off the lamp every time he just sat down from turning it on so that he had to get back up out of his chair again if he didn’t want to sit in the dark.

    Even though dad doesn’t think that everything I do is funny, I have certainly made him laugh out loud lots of times over the years.  Like the time we were traveling to one of our college entertainment shows and I put my water down on the driver’s seat while dad and Mark were pumping gas and Mark didn’t see it when he got back in and he sat right on it and got all wet.  Or the time I was eating strawberries at one of our live exotic animal displays and got sticky red spots from my hands all over dad’s head when I hugged him.  Or the time I pretended to be Lawrence of Arabia on the camel ride at one of our exotic petting zoos.  And he laughed really hard the time I tried to take a picture of myself with his cell phone on the set of one of the television commercials I was in.

    So even though today is just a normal day of fun and games for me, I want to wish you all an especially happy April Fools’ Day!  What kinds of jokes and games and pranks did you do today?

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