Whether you’re in charge of this year’s Arabian Nights theme party or you just want to experience “Hump Day” from the back of a real, live Ship of the Desert, be sure to book Animal Rentals Camel Adventure for a fun and fascinating experience. Our extremely popular Camel Ride is no ordinary camel rental, but a unique encounter that children and adults of all ages will love.

Animal Rentals offers both Dromedary Camel Rides and Bactrian Camel Rides, so the choice of one hump or two is all up to you! Either way you will be delighted to meet our friendly, happy camels ,and to climb aboard to experience the thrill of riding these majestic beasts.

Animal Rentals Camel Adventure is the ideal attraction for your next private party, corporate event, parade, festival, college entertainment, and any occasion you can imagine. We travel all over the country bringing our exciting brand of exotic animal entertainment to you, wherever you are. And we’ll take care of the necessary permits for operating in the Chicago city limits, so all you have to do click here to get your party started.

In addition to our best-selling Camel Rides, Animal Rentals also offers exciting Camel Races, Camel Wagon Hay Rides, and many different types of Camel Rentals to suit your every need. Don’t miss your chance to meet these amazing animals and get the ride of your life. Click here to book Animal Rentals Camel Adventure today.


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