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August 9, 2015 by Animal Rentals


“JESSE JAMES” the Geoffroy cat was proud of his name. Like his namesake he was a loner, feared by many, resourceful even though he had a rather large following of fans and was very popular. He paced back and forth in his enclosure not because he was bored, unhappy or had a case of OCD. As Jesse was fond of saying, “I am a cat. And that’s what cats do”.

If Jesse had to tell you about his lifestyle he would classify himself as “a wild and crazy cat with an emphasis on wild”. As he puts it, “I like to take it easy during the day but when the sun sets I’m looking for a good meal and some fun. No basement or second floor apartment for me. This urban kitty prefers its sleeping shelf high in the air just like my relatives in South America except they live in treetops; I would prefer a penthouse”.

I am also a cat with many names; Geoffroy’s Ocelot, Gato Montes (Mountain Cat) or as the good people at Guinness Book of World Records like to call me “one of the smallest species of wild cats in the world”. I guess I do look like a wildcat. Though I’m about the size of a domestic cat, weigh between six and  fourteen pounds, it’s the small dark spots that cover my body that make our fur quite unique and very popular with people. In fact, with all the dangers and threats in the world facing our species today, man is our main predator.  After reading about all the poaching and hunting that is happening all around the world, I’m so glad to be safe and a part of Animal Rentals. Their animal shows strive to teach people the importance of caring for our wildlife.

People sometimes get the notion that I’m rather shy and aloof. Actually, I am very outgoing and love entertaining people, especially children who often ask my handler if I am a miniature leopard. Sometimes I wish I was a leopard especially when my friends at Animal Rentals play tricks on me. Sylvester the Skunk likes to leave bottles of spot remover in my pen. Another time Sahara the Fennec Fox, who rarely plays tricks on anyone, thought it was funny to hang a sign on my pen that read “Spot” the Kitty Cat. I take it all in stride because I know that they are my friends and very soon I will have my revenge.

When we are working, Pokey the Porcupine and I have viewing tables all to ourselves. No one wants to be with Pokey because he leaves his quills all over the place and likes to chew the table cover. Because I am so energetic and like to move around, I require a table just for me. I have a water dish and litter box that I rarely use. I think I may have what you humans call a “shy bladder”.

If I was asked what was the best part of being a member of Mindy’s Menagerie I would have to say meeting new people, posing for photos and making new friends. What else would a Geoffroy cat want?


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