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    April 27, 2014 by Mindy the Monkey

    One of the great things about the IQ Zoo that is coming soon to our Animal Rentals website is that you can see pictures of me and my animal friends, and learn some interesting facts about us.  But if you want to know even more about who we really are and what its like to live and work with exotic animals every day, then this blog is the place to be and I’m the monkey that can give you the true 411!

    One of the most mysterious members of our animal family is Purse the American Alligator.  I know you are probably wondering why he is an “American” Alligator instead of just an Alligator.  Well there is actually another species of alligator called the Chinese Alligator.  Even though Purse likes a good Peking Duck, he is 100% American.

    Purse is very gentle, and probably the most mellow alligator you will ever meet.  I love this picture of him sunbathing at one of our College Entertainment shows…it is the perfect pose to show his laid-back nature.

    But even though Purse is very friendly with people, my animal friends and I tend to stay as far away from him as possible.  Alligators are carnivores…meat eaters, and I just don’t trust that Purse has completely overcome his 65-plus million year old reptilian nature.  So when he smiles at people, I think Purse is having fun.  But when he smiles at me, I think he is sizing me up as an afternoon snack!

    Some people think Purse’s name is cruel.  But Purse has a good sense of humor and he actually thinks it is pretty funny.  Plus he likes how it reminds people that animal skins look better on animals than on people.  Purse is kind of wise and sarcastic at the same time.  He really is a mystery to me!

    So next time you find yourself in charge of planning a party, fair, corporate event or college event, why not invite Purse and some of the rest of us for an Animal Show, Petting Zoo or Exotic Animal Display?  I guarantee you will never forget holding a genuine live alligator…and Purse will love it too!


    December 17, 2013 by Mindy the Monkey

    Last week was a very difficult and sad one for me, dad and everyone here at Animal Rentals.  My best friend Dottie passed away, and we all miss her so much!  It’s so hard to get through each day without her warm hugs, friendly smile, and sweet, caring nature.  Dottie was a good dog and a great friend who loved everyone…and everyone loved her right back.  So today I just wanted to tell you a little bit about Dottie and just how wonderful she was.

    Dad was looking for a smart and interesting dog to work with him doing film and television shoots.  He got Dottie when she was just a baby, and named her for the multiple spots and dots she had that were part of her blue merle color pattern.  That color is pretty special, only a few breeds of dogs can have it.  As an Australian Shepherd, a breed also known for their intelligence, loyalty, versatility and protective nature, Dottie was blessed with the silver, black and white swirls and splotches that make up the blue merle pattern.

    Dottie was dad’s friend, companion and protector for 14 years.  She was great company for him when he was home, and guarded the house when he was away.  When I came to live with dad, Dottie was the first one that greeted me and welcomed me to the family.  We became fast friends and we loved to play ball – I would throw it and she would catch it, or chase it and bring it back – and then cuddle together on a chair to relax or nap.  Dottie was a great cuddler!

    Over the years with dad, Dottie greeted lots of different kinds of new domestic and exotic animal friends, and welcomed them to the Animal Rentals family.  Some became her playmates, some she watched over lovingly, and some – of course – she wisely kept her distance from (like Purse the American Alligator with his great big mouth full of teeth!).  But when Trixie came to live with us Dottie became a mom.  She adopted Trixie from the very first moment she laid eyes on her, and helped raise her into the sweet and funny dog she is today.  Dottie and Trixie were inseparable from the very beginning, and they just loved loved loved living together.

    I’m sure many of you know how bad it feels to lose an animal friend that you love so much.  It is sad in so many ways that most animals don’t live as long as human beings.  Fourteen years is a pretty good long age for a dog, but we would all have loved for Dottie to stay with us for another fourteen…or longer.  As sad as I am and as much as I miss her, I feel a little better remembering what Dottie told me one time:

    “Dogs are good at lots of different things but what we are the very best at is love.  We make our humans the center of our world, and we love them with every heartbeat, with every breath, and with every ounce of our being.  We love them so much that even long after we are gone, they never ever forget how good it felt to be loved that much.”

    I was not Dottie’s human, but I, too, will never ever forget how good it felt to be loved that much by her.

    Goodbye Dottie, my dear friend.  We miss you.  We will see you at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you for the love.

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