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    December 11, 2014 by Animal Rentals

    Loyola University was the last stop on our college entertainment tour for 2014. Our animal ambassadors, including Mindy the Monkey brought their hands-on animal show at the invitation of the Loyola University Pre-Vet Club. These future veterinarians shared in the fund with their fellow students as they experienced face to face interaction with members of Mindy’s Menagerie. An alligator,chinchilla,fennec fox, porcupine and skunk were just a few of our animal friends brought for the event. Check out our new “About Our Animals” page and read how well our pets are cared for.


    November 7, 2014 by Animal Rentals

    ANIMAL RENTALS  is on the road again, visiting at least several colleges and making new friends.  For the month of November, we will be bringing our educational and entertaining “hands on”  EXOTIC ANIMAL DISPLAY college entertainment to the following schools.

    SOUTHEAST TENNESSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE located in Memphis, TN on November 11th and 12th.

    MERCYHURST UNIVERSITY located in Erie, PA on November 14th.  We will be participating in a “hands-on” “Fear Factor” themed event.

    UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY located in Findlay, OH on November 20th.

    Our mission is to educate, entertain and encourage conservation of our world’s animals by offering  a face to face interaction with members of  Mindy’s Menagerie, the ambassadors of ANIMAL RENTALS.  

    Follow our adventures by visiting and liking us on Face Book;  Animal Rentals and Mindy the Monkey.


    October 23, 2014 by Animal Rentals

      Generally, most of the animals that have come to symbolize HALLOWEEN are nocturnal making it almost safe to say that if an animal comes in all black,  it could be considered linked to the supernatural and scary. Sadly,  many of the myths attributed to these  creatures are completely false. Yet, after hundreds of  years, many still believe that the presence of a crow or  raven symbolizes a bad omen.

    Below are just a few examples of the myths and        facts about our HALLOWEEN FRIENDS.

    MYTH:  SNAKES are slimy and clammy to the touch.  FACT: No snake is slimy with quite smooth and dry skin.  Also, snakes cannot hypnotize humans and animals with their eyes.

    MYTH: VAMPIRE BATS  bite the neck and suck blood from people.  FACT: Vampire bats live only in tropical regions of Central and South America.  They feed primarily on animal blood by lapping (not sucking), using their sharp teeth to make a quick slice along the skin.

    MYTH:  The bite of a SPIDER can kill you. FACT:  While it is true that there are many poisonous spiders throughout the world, the bite from one of them is not much worse than a bee sting.  An allergic reaction to a spider bite is more serious but no human has died from its venom.

    MYTH: BLACK CATS are familiars of witches and bring bad luck. FACT: Black cats are just that—black cats.

    So the next time you go to our website, to book our Exotic Petting Zoo, go to MINDY’S MENAGERIE and look for our special Halloween creatures:  “Cuddles” the Tarantula, “Casper” the Burmese Python, “Sylvester” the Skunk and “Mrs. Clean” the Hairless Rat.


    August 11, 2014 by Mindy the Monkey

    When you hang out with a bunch of camels, every day is hump day!  And with both Bactrian and Dromedary Camels as friends, I get plenty of both one hump AND two.

    My friends Bradley, Kalisha and Chloe are Dromedaries – camels with just one hump.  Boe and Finnegan are Bactrian Camels with two humps.   There’s no room for them here in the city, of course, so these Chicagoland Camels all live together on a great big farm.  And just like me, they love to travel around the country and meet new people.  They work with me and my other exotic animal friends at Animal Rentals doing camel rides for children and adults, camel wagon hay rides for groups of people, and even camel races.  They are funny because they like to run, and they always argue about who is the fastest.  They also really like to give rides to people, and they argue about who walks the smoothest.  Come to think of it, they argue a lot about everything.  But it is a fun and happy arguing – more of a discussion than an actual fight.  I’ve never seen them ever get mad at each other.  They really all get along great.  Everybody loves what friendly, happy camels they are.

    Have you ever gotten to ride a camel?  It’s a really cool feeling!  They sort of sway from side to side at the same time that they rock back and forth.  It is a very relaxing feeling for most people…and for most monkeys too!  Well, at least for me it is.  I love when they give me rides.

    I never knew that there were so many interesting facts about Bactrian Camels and Dromedary Camels until I met this great group of friends.  You can learn a little more about Bradley, Kalisha, Chloe, Boe and Finnegan on my Mindy’s Menagerie page.  And you can learn how to meet them in person on our Animal Rentals Camel Adventures page.  Meanwhile, comment below to tell us which you prefer…one hump or two!

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