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    September 16, 2014 by Animal Rentals

    HOLIDAYS are just around the corner and ANIMAL RENTALS has the special entertainment guaranteed to satisfy your guests.  Our Exotic Animal Show with such performers as Pokey the Porcupine, Casper the Python and Sahara the Fennec Fox will entertain and amuse audiences of all ages.  Your “hands-on” experience with our pets offers numerous photo opportunities.  Our handlers are professionals and are eager to answer all inquiries you may have.  We can design our show to your specifications, making it very popular with senior citizens and people with special needs.

    Our indoor “farm petting zoo” is great for larger areas with an assortment of animals that will put a sparkle in anyone’s eyes.

    Make your holiday event a day  everyone will remember.



    July 9, 2012 by Mindy the Monkey

    How many of you think that snakes are slimy?  I’ll bet a lot of you do!

    One of the great things about being an animal ambassador is showing people the truth about animals and how they live and what they are really like.  It’s always surprising to me how many people raise their hands when my dad asks an audience “How many of you think that snakes are slimy?”  Some of my best friends are snakes, and I can promise you that they are not slimy at all.  In fact, they feel really cool and smooth and soft to touch!

    One of my friends is Casper, a Burmese Python who is ten feet long!  Casper is a special snake because he is albino, which means that his skin doesn’t have the same dark coloring that other pythons have.  He is a beautiful bright yellow and white color, and his skin is silky smooth.  He is very friendly and anyone can touch and hold him.  One of his favorite jobs is to work with the snake charmer, who strolls through the crowd at parties and events wearing Casper draped around her shoulders so that people can meet him and touch his beautiful skin.  Sometimes when people touch him they say “Well, he’s not slimy at all!”

    After hearing people say this, I asked Casper one time if it hurt his feelings that people think he is slimy.  After all, I think it would hurt my feelings if people thought that about me.  But Casper is a very wise snake, and he told me that there is no point getting your feelings hurt about something that isn’t true.  “I know I’m not slimy,” he said, “and after people touch me they know it too.”  I’m glad Casper is so smart and that he likes his job so much!

    Have you ever touched a snake?  What did you think about it?

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