North American Porcupine

Erethizon dorsatum

Life expectancy: 15-25 year Life Expectancy
Habitat: Native to forest areas in Canada, Alaska, northern and western US and Mexico.
Born: 3/30/11
Characteristics: Herbivore, Nocturnal

Fun Facts About PORCUPINES

  • Porcupines are sometimes called “quill pigs”.
  • The name porcupine means “one who rises up in anger”.
  • It was believed that porcupines could “throw” their quills at an enemy. Quills are released by contact with them, or may drop off when shaking their body.
  • The porcupine’s body is covered with up to 30,000 sharp spines or quills.
  • They are excellent climbers, live in caves, trees and are rarely aggressive.
  • Baby porcupines are called “porcupettes”.